Saturday, October 3, 2009


I really did it this time! Four pots up this morning and already 12 views on the first item. It is taking me so freaking long to enter all my data, and etsy won't always allow me to upload my images, but I am making a start! I didn't know what else to do at 2:30 this morning after another sleepless night. After a nap I will try to put a few more up, and maybe some more tomorrow. I think I will try to get all 70 pots online before the holidays, maybe one a day or a few every other. Wish me luck!

Good luck your selves!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

just checking

(I just edited in this teapot as both Juana and Gabe suggested)

I needed to see a grouping of the first pots that I will have in my shop. I am working on descriptions as we speak (I am imagining I am having a conversation with you all as I do this) and the thoughts are flowing, but it is long work.

Are there any pots you wouldn't put in in this first listing of items in the shop? Are there other things you think it is important for people to see? I have photographed something like 70 pots and I plan on trickling a few in several times a week for the next 4 months until I start reposting the old ones. I will also photograph new things once my kiln gets fired.

What do you think of the mix, some electric fired some wood fired? What about the mix of forms? Mugs, cups, a tea bowl, bowls, bottles and a set of cruets. I am holding back on two sets of two plates and three sets of two bowls, two covered jars, a teapot, a flower brick, and of course plenty more cups, bowls, and mugs. Do I need to put any of these others in my first listing, or what do you think I should list next? Feedback please!

Friday, September 25, 2009


OK, folks. I took the plunge. No items yet, and not everything fleshed out, but the etsy shop is up and running.

Look for it as the seller "carterthepotter" and tell me what you think. Be as critical as you can. I will try to add the things like shop policies and sections soon, as well as getting the items up for sale.

How the hell do I get a widget for the shop put on this blog? Carrie? Gabe? Anyone?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Description Detail

I've added this into the 'description section' for everything functional. So far, I think its pretty thorough..


“wide, “tall

Coated in glossy clear glaze to highlight the detailed imagery on the front, I left the base unglazed so you can see the organic red clay I work with. I love the contrast of the shiny, highly detailed surface next to the raw red clay.

My process:

All of my work is either hand built from single slabs of clay, or thrown on an electric potter’s wheel. The clay has been textured through my hands as well as a few tools and sponges. I hand paint all of my work using slips and colorful under glazes. I also draw on the surface while the clay is still slightly damp using wooden carving tools. I treat the surface of each individual piece much like a painting - creating one of a kind and small series. Each piece is coated with studio made, food-safe clear glaze and fired in an electric kiln making them strong and safe to use on a daily basis.

The firing:

I use a red clay that is fired to cone 04, a temperature close to 2,000 degrees. I prefer this technique because lower temperatures means less firing time and less energy used.

Use and Care:

My pots are for everyday use as well as inspirational additions to your home. I recommend hand washing and avoiding microwave use to ensure the longevity of the pot. *Avoid extreme temperature changes*.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

carter's seller image

This was my idea for that tiny little square image that folks have next to their name in that right hand column of their shop and that comes up with a search on sellers. I thought it would make sense to use my "chop" to let folks know how I sign my work. Good idea or bad idea. Anyone out there?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

carter's new Profile (not shop statement)

Gabe and Sarah have cautioned me to be pithy and succinct which is super important for the statement that people see when entering my shop, but I feel that if someone wants to read my profile they are only clicking on the link because they care what I have to say. So I think I can afford to be a little more detailed and philosophical (If I am wrong please tell me!). OK, so here goes:

"I believe that the world is filled with magical and splendorous beauty. This is especially true of the natural world. Handmade crafts and food, the visual and performing arts, and love and human kindness are some of the things that humans do which tap into this transcendent quality. I make pots in an attempt to explore this. But beauty is not something that can always be approached from head on. My experience with clay has led me to pursue it only indirectly; never staring too hard, as it were, but keeping it in the corner of my eye. It is almost as if you need to move sideways lest you scare these elusive qualities from your work. So, I try not to be too specific with my designs. Each pot is a fresh attempt at bringing new magic into the world, and my choice of glazes (and especially the wood kiln) only adds to the serendipity. This way the collaboration of my hands and the clay will always lead to new expressions and the surprise of quiet beauty never becomes trite or common."

Friday, September 18, 2009

Carter Banner Remix

Well, i didn't really do much of anything. But I like matching your name with the color of the middle cup. The font is Nueva Std. -- I have to say though, I actually like your fonts better than mine. I am running Photoshop Elements 6 and now see that it is very limited in creative fonts for a $100 program. Sometimes a cheaper program does just fine. (Although this actually may be a cheap program too-- a friend of mine has Photoshop and I think it was like 5x's what I have).  Good exercise though!