Thursday, September 17, 2009



Click on the images for a LARGER VERSION.

Ok folks, my photo manipulations are pretty weak on this computer but this is a start. Tell me what works and what doesn't. Is the background properly suggestive? What about calling it "carter gillies pottery"? How do the scripts and colors work?


sarahv said...

Carter as far as images go, I like the deeper colors in the first 3. My favorite font however, is #4

juana said...

i like the font on #5, but would try another color. i would probably try a warm, dark brown, or a deep, blue-green for the font color.

juana said...

oops! i realize i got the number wrong the first time. i actually do not like #5. i do like #6 and also #3. those are relaxed, simple fonts, easy to read, but also kind of fun and informal. they are not too serious and formal, but not too decorated either.

carter gillies said...

Thanks Sarah and Juana for the help. I agree Sarah that the darker banner is better, and also that font #4 is pretty interesting. Are Fonts #1 & #2 simply too much? Juana Thanks for the ideas on font colors. I will try some more when I get a chance. I also agree that the attitude needs to be informal and fun, but I tried not to pick any fonts that were too decorated. Which ones do you feel are overly decorated?

sealeymorris said...

I'm counting by images cause the numbering is a little off on my screen. I like #4 font but maybe in a sepia? I don't like the cold black. I like the #3 style as well but the font size is a bit big and i am not a fan of the yellow. Again i would do a brownish/maroon-ish font color.

Also I am torn on your choice of image. On one hand its very Zen like (which i think decribes you) but its a little muddy. I liked the Intermediate blog pot banner better- although I am sure its hard to stretch these images.

carter gillies said...

I should have checked here first before publishing the newest banner post. I agree with you Carrie about the difficulty reading this first image, so I'm hoping the other will be an improvement. I forgot to mess around with colors on the next one, but I'm hoping the yellow looks better against the black.

Theresa said...

I totally missed something. Where did the row of pots go for the banner? I loved that.