Wednesday, September 9, 2009

shop names for carter

When I started looking at things on etsy I used "carterthepotter" as my identity for selecting items and shops as favorites. That turns out to be a pretty good one I think, and I may end up using it for my shop name- easy to remember, easy to spell, has my name in it- all good things. What do you think?

Some other ideas I have had:


Well, that is enough for now. PLEASE comment if there are any that stand out for you. Of course many of these are just sketches of ideas for a name and are not necessarily appropriate in themselves. My desire is to have a name that represents someone who is serious enough about clay to have gone to grad school and mastered the art, but who sees potting as a fun activity and not just a job. So, serious but not serious. It could also be a name that expresses my philosophical bent or maybe the attitude of my pots and throwing technique. It should not be a tight name, but speak of a certain eccentricity. What else do you think my shop name should say?

"oldcatdied" is a great name because it is a name with a story, and the work itself tells a story. Easy to remember, easy to spell, a well chosen shop name. What are some of the other options you guys considered?

"snugglechicken" is a name with a whole lot of personality. It is a name loaded with emotional content. It is not a guy potter's kind of name. It is not a tight super serious potter's kind of name. Snugglechicken is lighthearted and maybe a little kooky. It describes an attitude of quiet fun that stops well short of the outrageousness of someone like Keen Zero.

What do you want your name to say about your work?


Julie said...

would snugglerooster be more manly? i like "supafinepots".. contemporary and funny..

carter gillies said...

No, I think the "snuggle" part is probably where the manliness declines. Snuggling is part of our(men's) secret lives that doesn't get advertised much to the public. A man's public identity as "snuggle" anything would be laughed at in the male community. "Snuggle tractor" sounds real cool though (he says wistfully).

sealeymorris said...

i think you need to leave your last name out for sure- problematic with spelling-- Actually, I think you picked the best one of the list! Although, I'm not crazy about the "the" in the middle. How bout just CarterPots? CarterPotter would be hard to say.

I have struggled w/ OCD (haha), the name that is. It is special to us though, a song lyric from early in the gabe/carrie story-- and we don't want to sell out to one art medium, so it encompasses all. And our last name is hyphenated and that's complicating... But sometimes I think its too silly. Hard to take an artist serious with a name like OldCatDied eh? I guess if I ever get good enough to enter a "Call for Entries" i will leave OCD off the application...

juana said...

hi all

carter, i like ClayByCarter and CarterThePotter, CarterPots, or CarterPotter the best. They might not be descriptive of the pots but they are easy to remember and spell. I also think you should trust that your name already means a lot about your pots for a lot of people, and you are just expanding that goodwill. you can use all of those words and connotations in the description piece, and the pictures will also speak more things about your pots to people. i definitely vote for keeping your first name in your etsy name.

i agree with carter, OldCatDied is a great name because it is a story in 3 words. it is catchy and wants you know more. since you guys have done more than only pots, and since your art has that folk, fun, and literary qualities, i think it is a great all-encompassing name for you guys. keep it!

i like snugglechicken because it is funny. however, julie, you miht want to consider a name that relates more closely to pots, since that will probably be your focus. (i know you love it when i say that word!!).

i will come up with a list of names for me shortly, but will definely want your feedback. maybe i will call it focus. not really.

carter gillies said...

Thanks for the feedback, guys. I agree that my first name is probably a must, and that maybe shortening it to "CarterPots" would be even easier to remember and find. For some reason I am very resistant to a name that comes off as cold or too serious. I hope that isn't how people are looking at my pots. This is why I thought something like "CarterPots Well" might work. Either I am being arrogant or I am having some fun at my own expense, and hopefully the work and everything I say about it will show that I am NOT taking myself too seriously. So, no one went for "snuggleTractor"? Two more that I forgot to put on this post were "TipTopPots", and "TopNotchCrockery". It seems I am desperate to have fun with the shop name.

juana said...

ooh, carter, what about FinePotsBySnuugleTractor?

carter gillies said...

I think people would be laughing so hard they would forget to click on my shop!

Theresa said...

CarterPots wins with me. "Pots" is then both a verb and a noun. Don't you love how I elevate the tone of the discussion? Who wants me to quit the blog? Don't be shy.