Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shop/Return Policies?

Carrie you may have the best answer to this.. I did not know what would be the best policy to have for returns.. this is what I put in my 'msg to buyers' box. Oh yeah, and I upped the shipping cost to $5 upon you recommendation.

"Thanks for purchasing my creations! I hope you are happy with your order. My return policy does not include shipping cost - but 100% refund for the product if you are unsatisfied. All items returned must be sent back to me within 30 days of the initial transaction to refund the purchase."


carter gillies said...

Sounds good to me, but I also want to hear what Carrie and others think.

sealeymorris said...

You know, I haven't written anything in that section nor the policy section- I just realized that-- so I will now have to do that! We've only had to replace something twice, both with custom naked peeps. With one, the head of the male broke off in transit. That was a local person right here in Athens, and she was totally cool about it - she wrote us that she had superglued the head back on and there was no need for replacement. I think we ended up sending her a colorful clay house for her trouble. The other incident was more indecent - a penis broke off. That one we actually had to replace - I guess heads are one thing, but supergluing a penis is something else?

Both of those incidents, by the way, were the results of trying to experiment with a shipping method to make it cheaper, and we learned from them not to skimp on packing. Since we learned with the naked peeps - easy to replace - we haven't lost any pottery yet. That's also because Gabe is OCD and packs up everything now like there are bombs falling.

Julie said...

i scanned ahead and read "supergluing a penis". that's funny. now i'll read the post.