Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's in a name?

When I signed up for Etsy, I registered with lotsofpots. I was warned many times that once I registerred, I could not go back and change my name. So maybe I am stuck with that name. However, I've been thinking that even if I cannot change the name, I could possibly register again with a different email address. I have a couple of old email addresses redirected to my gmail account, so I can use one of those.

lotsofpots is kind of corny, and as carter said, it says more about quantity than quality. i am afraid it will also be deceiving, since i do not make lots of pots, to begin with. i might want a name that has a Spanish word or two, but do not want to make it harder to spell for people. maybe CincoGoodPots would be more honest than lotsofpots.

other ideas:
ThrownAndDrawn (it is hard to say for me, but, you might not be for native speakers)
PicoPots (my dog)
Emuel likes PotsWana (he says it is a play of words, my misspelled name that together with pots sounds like the country, Botswana-- !?! He likes calling me that!)

None of tham might work, so i'll keep thinking, but i want feedback, please.


juana said...

hey, by the way, it was me, Juana, who posted this. sorry for all of the misspelled words and grammatical imperfections. I tried to edit, but it seems like once there, it is there!

carter gillies said...

"LotsOfPots" is actually OK, but I agree with you about your reservations. You are in no way stuck with it, however. Some artists have more than one shop, say like Joy Tanner- one for her pots and one for her photographs. Or like Jeanette Zeis who has two pottery stores on etsy ("vesselsandwares" and "vegandish", both of whom have sold several hundred items each!) and is about to open A THIRD STORE! If you want it to be something other than "lotsofpots" just don't put anything in that store. The comlpication about changing over is if you already have a lot of sales information. Apparently that can't be switched over.

My favorites of your other suggestions are "ThrownAndDrawn", "PicoPots", and I REALLY LOVE "PotsWana"! There is something fun about each of them that you don't get with "normaltownpots" or "ceramica" although I do think Normaltown Pots would be a good professional sounding name for when you start selling pots out of your home.

sealeymorris said...

wow, great names! well, except for the one you actually have... sorry, not digging lotsofpots. I think you should totally switch it or do a second shop kind of thing like Carter was saying. I love normaltown pots best- its professional sounding- it shows you are rooted to a neighborhood/place and its relatively easy to say/spell.

sarahv said...

What do you guys think of "Saramix" ?

I can up with it over a year ago when I first created an Etsy account and totally forgot about it. I don't know if I really like the title anymore.. as my work has been evolving recently..

Now I'm wanting to incorporate the word organic
hmm... Organic Saramics??

haha.. something like that. I'll google it and see what comes up.

juana said...

saramics is brilliant, sara! i would drop the organic part, but if you want to keep it, that works too!

so, what of my names do you like best?

sarahv said...

Juana, I actually like PicoPots! haha.. I used to have a pet turtle named Pico, so there is a fondness there..

oh yeah.. and I have decided to go with Saramix.. I had to drop the H off my name Sarah, so it would look more like a word -- but that is my username for Etsy, so it'll have to work for now.

sarahv said...

Juana how would you say 'lots' in Spanish?

Mucho Pots?

I was trying to think of a way you could incorporate an English/Spanish shop name -- as I think that would be very cool.

My turtles name was actually Picasso- and Pico was his nickname.

Theresa said...

Well, until Carter weighted in (at first) kind of tepid on Normaltown Pots, I liked it best. To heck with CG, call it Normaltown Pots. It was cool enough for the Flyers, remember? And if I were not from around here, having never been normal, I would want to know more about someplace called Normaltown. If not NTP, I vote PotsWana. Might as well be funny!