Saturday, September 12, 2009


Perhaps it might be easier to start with a shop statement, since this is a pared down version of the profile.

Carter's shop statement:

" Welcome to my shop! This is where I sell top notch crockery for your home and kitchen needs. I make eclectic functional pots on the potters wheel, but love to jazz them up by adding decorative touches such as funky handles on vases, or by altering shapes to out of round. The pots end up pretty loose in character and my glazes accentuate the spontaneous nature of the way I work. No two pots are exactly the same because making them different keeps me interested in the process. I am a firm believer in the handmade ethic, and after 3 years of pottery graduate school, I am convinced that a well crafted artistically designed piece of pottery can add immeasurable value to how we live our lives. I hope you agree!"


juana said...

i like this profile much better, carter. it is shorter, less technical and more upbeat, and although you do manage to convey the same ideas as in the first try, less words in this case makes the ideas more clear and powerful.

your first blurb would probably be more suitable for more serious pottery-especific publications.

i read some profiles of succsesfull etsy sellers that spoke more about the personality and aesthetics of the maker than about the characteristics of the work. i guess this actually works in etsy because it is a community of people who believe in handmade, (handmade makers and buyers), and who are interested in artist-to-buyer communication.

buyers in etsy might be more inclined to make a purchase if they feel akin to the maker. a good etsy profile might be one that makes people think "i could have a beer with this person --and i'd like to buy their work too!".

if i was objective (which i am not),i would probably choose to have a beer with the writer of the second blurb. and after seeing the pictures, i would most likely want buy his work too!

carter gillies said...

Thanks Juana! Pretty much what I was thinking too. I agree that the first one was more like a journal publication where I was trying to convince the reader with rational arguments. The much more important thing to do is to seem friendly and helpful. So where is your statement?

Theresa said...

This is a nice piece of writing. (I'm sorry, I can't leave my past!) It's friendly and warm, but it comes across that you are a professional and care about the pots that you make.

carter gillies said...

Thanks Theresa! Exactly what I was hoping it would say.

sarahv said...

yeah Carter, I like this too. I like that it feels more charming than serious..