Sunday, September 27, 2009

just checking

(I just edited in this teapot as both Juana and Gabe suggested)

I needed to see a grouping of the first pots that I will have in my shop. I am working on descriptions as we speak (I am imagining I am having a conversation with you all as I do this) and the thoughts are flowing, but it is long work.

Are there any pots you wouldn't put in in this first listing of items in the shop? Are there other things you think it is important for people to see? I have photographed something like 70 pots and I plan on trickling a few in several times a week for the next 4 months until I start reposting the old ones. I will also photograph new things once my kiln gets fired.

What do you think of the mix, some electric fired some wood fired? What about the mix of forms? Mugs, cups, a tea bowl, bowls, bottles and a set of cruets. I am holding back on two sets of two plates and three sets of two bowls, two covered jars, a teapot, a flower brick, and of course plenty more cups, bowls, and mugs. Do I need to put any of these others in my first listing, or what do you think I should list next? Feedback please!


juana said...

your pictures are great! i like the selection of pots you chose. i would probably add a teapot or a covered jar because they will probably not be the first to seel, but people would get a grasp of your style, ability, and versatility. i would add one of those bigger pots (one with the pretty green glaze) and take out one of the 2 bottles, maybe the yellow one. or better yet, add the teapot or jar and leave the 2 bottles!

also, and most importantly, are you going to post alternate views of each pot?

sealeymorris said...

mugs/cups for sure-- those will probably be your bread and butter...a teapot to show skill is excellent idea. I think some sets might be good for holiday season.
Carter, your pictures look so professional-- good job! I second alternate views.

carter gillies said...

Thanks for the comments guys! Yeah there are mostly 5 images per pot. I just wanted to put up the ones people would see first in the search so I could tell if I was making a good enough impression. Juana, I'm not sure I want to have too many big pots for sale on etsy because of the hassle in shipping, but there are a few I intend to put up. I guess I will have to plunk down the teapot on this first round since you both agree on this. Next up, a post on the descriptions I am working on!

sarahv said...

I love your pictures Carter!! Amazing.. I agree with Juana -- mix up your color composition a bit as you add in your pieces, like a greenish, then brown, orange, white, blue.. (you get it)

I also recommend really highlighting your pieces that are affordable and shippable (is that a word??).
Definitely put in a picture here and there of a teapot, large vase to let buyers know there's more than just cups/mugs.. and possibly include a note like that in your alchemy for buyers interested in big pieces.

Again great job!! I am going to take all new pictures next week for my shop -- so soon you can critique me again too!

Theresa said...

I would change pictures to show more color. I believe with my heart that wood-fired is an acquired taste. Most people I think want color, and you have fabulous colors to show.